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Here are some exciting benefits of LPG

Easy to Handle: LPG is easy to manage with instantaneous on and off initiation as you twist the knob. It offers better control when you cook as you can regulate the flames as per requirements. Yes, the intensity of the flame is totally in your hands and it is noticeable in the form of cerulean flames. Swifter Cooking: LPG can cook quicker than any other available alternatives as it has huge calorific value. Lesser Kitchen Temperature: Cooking with LPG is certainly not a hot and humid affair as stoves give out less heat compared to other cooking gas, thereby not shooting up your kitchen temperature alarmingly. Eco Friendly: LPG generates the minimum greenhouse gas discharge out of all the existing fossil fuels. It comprises less quantity of Nitrogen, Sulphur, and other particulate substances that are detrimental to the atmosphere. Research states that cooking with LPG helps in bringing down the greenhouse emission by up to 70 %...
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